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“Sveta Petka” eye clinic was officially opened on May 5, 2000. At the very beginning, together with Assoc. Dr. Tosho Mitov, MD Dr. Galina Fileva, Dr. Milena Milkova, Dr. Petya Stoycheva and Dr. Zheni Borisova worked. Today, they continue to make a dedicated contribution to the development of the clinic. During this period, the teamwork and professionalism of the specialists won the leading positions of the clinic in the treatment and prevention of eye diseases. To the team of Assoc. Dr. Tosho Mitov, MD are joined by Dr. Daniela Mitova, MD, Dr. Kamelia Baicheva, Dr. Krasimira Deneva and Dr. Dimitar Paskov. During this period, the clinic had good equipment for its time, which was constantly modernized and improved, in order to reach today the position of the clinic with the most modern equipment in the country.

In January 2002, the first laser vision correction technique in Bulgaria began to operate, through which Assoc. Dr. Tosho Mitov, MD. and his team have restored normal vision to many young people. In the following years, the laser technology in the clinic was constantly modernized, and today the clinic works with VISX Star S4 IR and Schwind Amaris – the latest generation of laser equipment.

In September 2006, “Sveta Petka” Eye Clinic expanded its activities by opening the new building, where today a team of selected specialists in the field of ophthalmology work. The team of the clinic is completed by the young and ambitious ophthalmologists Dr. Martin Litev, Dr. Lyubomir Kobakov, Dr. Stoyan Stoyanov and Dr. Radosvet Kovachev, who adequately respond to the modern challenges of medicine.



In 2007, “Sveta Petka” Eye Clinic established its branch in Plovdiv LASEREX. This diagnostic laser center is fully equipped for modern diagnosis and laser treatment of myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism. The laser setup is on a VISX Star S4. Dr. Marina Grozdeva, Dr. Dimitar Rachev and Dr. Snajna Tasheva work in the LASEREX team. In 2009, the “Sveta Petka” Ophthalmic Medical Center – Veliko Tarnovo became operational. It is also fully equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostic and laser equipment. Dr. Nikolay Ivanov, Dr. Evgeni Cholakov, Dr. Zhaneta Pavlova and Dr. Elka Milanova work there. In 2011, “Sveta Petka” opened a laser sector in the modernly equipped Eye Medical Center “Vizio” in Blagoevgrad. Laser corrections of myopia, farsightedness and astigmatism are performed there with a laser from the VISX Star S4 series. Medical director and partner of Assoc. Dr. Tosho Mitov is Dr. Yordan Tumbev.

Today “Sveta Petka” Eye Clinic, headed by Assoc. Dr. Tosho Mitov, M.D. and his team are the face of ophthalmology in Bulgaria.